From The Alden Network Podcasts – Know Your Medicaid Benefits for Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing costs can add up quickly. Too often, people put off seeking help because they fear the high price of care. Thankfully, there is financial assistance available for these necessary services. For those who face the greatest financial challenges, Medicaid is often able to help.

Medicaid is usually considered the “payer of last resort,” meaning all other insurance benefits and avenues must be exhausted before any type of Medicaid reimbursements can be made to any provider for care and services. While that may seem daunting, there is hope.

Am I eligible?

Medicaid eligibility is typically based on the financial and/or family situation. You must apply for benefits through the online Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE).

There are certain income and asset limits for someone who is applying for Medicaid in a skilled nursing facility, depending on their marital status and assets. Assets include checking, savings, money markets, IRAs, CDs and property. 

How to apply

Alden has Medicaid specialists to help you with the application process. These specialists follow through with the application until it is approved. They’re knowledgeable about how Medicaid works and will answer any questions you may have. Begin the process, visit our website at

Use the provided checklist to keep track of your progress through the application process. You can then take this information to your Alden specialist who will review all the information and fill out the ABE with you. You don’t need to go through this sometimes complicated process alone!

The process from start to finish can take four to six months, but your specialist will be following it until it’s approved. The state reevaluates eligibility once a year via a process called redetermination; the renewal form verifies that the information submitted with the initial application is still correct.

 What does Medicaid cover?

If you have Medicaid, it covers room and board in a short-term or long-term rehab facility. It usually covers coinsurance payments, copays on prescription drug plans and some limited therapies. Necessary personal items like adult incontinence products may also be included.

Medicare plus Medicaid

Patients with Medicare may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicare benefits are applied first. Daily therapy is covered by Medicare, with a qualifying stay, but Medicaid would cover other aspects of long-term care like inpatient and outpatient services, lab tests, x-rays, insurance copays, personal care items, some therapy, and transportation to and from doctors’ appointments.

The Alden Network is here to help you apply for Medicaid for your skilled nursing needs at all of their facilities. Call 1-773-286-3883 and ask for a Medicaid Specialist or visit